We are proud to introduce…

firkin-friday-wideFreakin’ Firkin Fridays!

On certain Fridays, we will release a cask conditioned, real ale. Which Fridays, you ask? Randomly. Sign up to our newsletter to be sure you get the information on Firkin releases.

These beers are specially conditioned and cellared. Many times we will cask age a standard brew of ours but accentuate it with a new and interesting ingredients. Sometimes, we will create a very special beer specifically for cask conditioning & Firkin Friday.
Either way, we will be sharing something unique and interesting with you on Firkin Friday!

These Fridays are also special since we can serve pints! (which works great since true cask ale should be tapped and finished within a few short days…

Come enjoy with us!

for more information on cask ales, please visit this link (courtesy of the gotham imbiber)

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