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Welcome To Mully’s

Each batch is lovingly brewed by hand.

We don’t have a big automated brewing facility…
We have a big manual brewing facility.

Each 500 gallon batch is designed in house then weighed, added, mixed, stirred, transferred and pitched by hand.

Come by and see how we craft our beer!


Mully’s Brewery is a family owned and operated brewing facility started by Cindy and Jason Mullikin in 2012. World Brewing Academy graduates, award winning homebrewers and certifiable beer geeks are who we are…

Proudly operating out of Prince Fredrick, Maryland and sharing great, local made, craft beer is our passion.

We are dedicated to craft. We focus on traditional styles as well as interesting and unique beers.

We love experimentation and creativity so there is always a new, interesting, or downright crazy idea in the works or on tap!

Thanks for visiting us, and if you ever need anything, feel free to ask. We’re good, friendly people… honest!

Connect with us here, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.    Cheers!

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