Marc Six Blonde

Marc Six, an easy to drink taste of summer. A perfect way to round out a day on the beach, at the park, cutting grass, on the water… If it’s something you do in summer, try it with a Marc Six in your hand. Perfection just got a little nicer!
This pale golden ale is slightly sweet, lightly hopped, smooth, crisp and refreshing. A subdued hop aroma and just the lightest hint of fruityness round out a delicate and crisp, yet surprisingly complex, blonde style ale. At only 4¾% alcohol by volume, it’s very sessionable. Also, being delicate and crisp means it won’t weigh you down with mouth chewing maltyness, or wreck your tongue with an onslaught of bitter hops.

Wait, wait… What do we mean by “sessionable”? Glad you asked!

A session beer is one with a moderate alcohol level of between 4% and 5½%. In other words, just enough alcohol to get you buzzed but not so much that you’ll be flat on your back after enjoying two of ’em. They’re specifically brewed this way so that you can drink several over a long beer-drinking “session”.

Food Pairing…
Being a light and crisp beer means that Marc Six will go perfectly with french fries, burgers, and just about any “bar food” you can imagine. Buffalo wings and fried mozzarella sticks also great pairings. Watching your calories? It’s a great beer with light chicken dishes and garden salads, too, and at around 150 calories per 12 oz. serving, it won’t wreck your diet or your waistline.

The Numbers…
OG: 10½° P (1.042)
FG: 1¼° P (1.005)
ABV: ~4¾%
IBU’s: ~18
SRM: ~4