Patuxent Pale Ale

Patuxent Pale Ale combines complex malt flavors with a generous portion of flowery and citrus hops. A crisp, clean copper ale perfectly suited for those who enjoy a full-flavored, hop-forward craft beer. Hop flavors and aromas of pineapple, lemon, and stone fruits mated to a malt backbone of 2-row and Pilsner malts make for a very tasty and well balanced beer.

The style, “Pale Ale”, is one of the most popular and originated in England. Our Pale Ale takes the traditional flavors, and ramps them up to create a true American-styled Pale Ale reminiscent of the quality craft brews found in the Pacific Northwest and California.

So, why “Patuxent Pale Ale“? That’s a simple answer. The life of Southern Maryland revolves around this beautiful river and it’s tributaries. From St. Mary, Calvert, Charles, and through points north, the Patuxent is our lifeblood!

The Numbers…
OG: 11° P (1.044)
FG: 2½° P (1.010)
ABV: ~4¾%
IBU’s: ~41
SRM: ~8

Food Pairing… Patuxent Pale Ale is perfect for Blue crabs! It also compliments shrimp, and other light seafood. Beef dishes, especially grilled steak or barbeque, goes very well. Pairing with cheese? Try any hard aged cheddar. It also pairs very well with most fried foods, including fried seafood (fish and chips), and is amazing with fried chicken (in white gravy). Cheers!