Shucker Stout

Shucker Stout is dark and full of complex roasted/coffee/chocolate flavors. It’s brewed to ferment very completely to result in a dry and easy drinking finish. This stout is not motor oil. It won’t make you feel full after drinking just one but still carries a full spectrum of flavors and complexity. Shucker Stout is technically classified as a Dry Stout and, at just over 5% ABV, is light enough to enjoy over and over again.
That all sounds great, but… Shucker Stout? Heck ya! Oysters are the most classic example of food pairings with Stout and the Chesapeake Bay is world famous for our oysters. A shucker is the term for the person who opens oysters as well as the name of the knife used to do the job. So there you go, Shucker Stout! Enjoy!

We are very proud to share that this beer won a SILVER MEDAL in an international competition in Dublin, Ireland (the home of the stout) and a GOLD MEDAL in an international competition in Lexington, Kentucky!

Here’s a video of the awards ceremony from Kentucky


Food Pairing…

For those that can’t/won’t eat oysters, some other good pairings include…
A thick steak, topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms.
Sharp cheddar cheese slices on rye crackers.
Chocolate mousse or hot chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream.

The Numbers…
OG: 11½° P (1.047)
FG: 2° P (1.007)
ABV: ~5¼%
IBU’s: ~30
SRM: ~40