Our Winter Seasonal!

A strong Amber Ale with raspberry and vanilla. Brewed for a full body but created to finish clean and dry.

On it’s way from the brewhouse to the fermenter, the wort is infused with an abundant amount of raspberry puree (no extracts).
After fermentation, we then split whole vanilla beans and added them to the beer. With an extended aging process before packaging, the beer really balances between vanilla and raspberry. Delicious.

This one is great for sharing straight away, or for saving until next year. If you enjoy it young, expect clean notes of raspberry flavor and aroma with a background hint of malt, chocolate and vanilla. Being a high alcohol beer, it should age very well and continue to evolve vinous and dried fruit-like flavors. Plum undertones, alcohol notes like port or sherry, and dark malty grain flavors will become more pronounced as it ages.

The end result is a 7% ABV, complex beer perfectly suited to warming up beside the fire on those long and cold winter nights.

Here’s the best way to enjoy…

Step 1: Grab a six-pack.
Step 2: Enjoy three bottles now with close friends and family.
Step 3: Stuff the other three in the back of your fridge.
Step 4: Forget about it until next winter.


Style  | Winter Seasonal Beer
ABV    | 7%
IBU     | 32
SRM    | 23

Hops   | Cascade
Malts  | Maris Otter, Munich, CaraMunich, Flaked Wheat, Black Patent
Extras | Raspberries, Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Availability | November – February

Meal Pairings      | Grilled Steak, Hearty Soups
Dessert Pairings | Chocolate Cheesecake, Mousse
Snack Pairings    | Feta Cheese