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Mully's Brewery

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Small. Independent. Craft.

Each batch is lovingly brewed by hand. 

We don’t have a big automated brewing facility…
We have a big manual brewing facility.

Each 500 gallon batch is designed in house then weighed, added, mixed, stirred, transferred and pitched by hand.

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Welcome To Mully’s

Mully’s Brewery is a family owned and operated brewing facility started by Cindy and Jason Mullikin in 2012. World Brewing Academy graduates, award winning homebrewers and certifiable beer geeks are who we are!
Proudly operating out of Prince Fredrick, Maryland and sharing great, local made, craft beer is our passion.

We are dedicated to craft. We focus on traditional styles as well as interesting and unique beers. We love experimentation and creativity so there is always a new, interesting, or downright crazy idea in the works or on tap!

Thanks for visiting us, and if you ever need anything, feel free to ask. Connect with us here, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.  Cheers!

Blood Orange Blonde

A bright, crisp BLONDE ALE brewed with real BLOOD ORANGES for a juicy, citrus kick. Not too sweet, this beer is just right for a hot sunny day, or ANY DAY for that matter…

Patuxent Pale Ale

A crisp and clean copper colored beer perfectly suited for those who enjoy a FULL FLAVORED hop-forward PALE ALE.

Hazy not Lazy

Our flagship NEIPA. A Hazy straw/orange in color and full to the brim with late hop additions and tops of dry hopping for HUGE hop-forward citrus flavors with nearly zero bitterness.

Schooner Black Lager

A smooth black lager brewed with MUNICH MALT, CHOCOLATE MALT, and a touch of ROASTED BARLEY, to create an easy drinking and light bodied beer with hints of COFFEE and CHOCOLATE . An easy drinking, lighter alternative to Porters and Stouts


A TART and FRUITED Kettle Sour BERLINER WEISSE series. Each version is a unique experience highlighting real fruit puree additions including…

– Blueberry/Blackberry/Raspberry
– Apricot/Pineapple/Mango
– Black Currant

Shucker Stout

A Dry Irish Stout that is dark and stuffed with rich chocolate and roasted barley flavor. This stout is not motor oil, it is crisp and finishes dry while still carrying a full spectrum of flavors and complexity.

Hours of Operation

3:00pm – 8:00pm

NOON – 8:00pm

NOON – 6:00pm

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